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Last Cerebellum release before NNUE calculation starts

Last Cerebellum release before NNUE calculation starts

This is a merge of two lc0 Cerebellums (different nets) and the SF Cerebellum
BrainFish development stopped

CFish now can handle two books like Brainfish, it can be used as a replacement.
BrainFish always was mainly a vehicle for the Cerebellum library.
Therefore no new version of BrainFish will be released for now.
Most likely something new will be developed, replacing Brainfish.
The Cerebellum development will continue.


Brainfish needs a Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin book to play as Brainfish.

Without this book, it plays identical to Stockfish.
The book can be registered in your UCI Engine setup for Brainfish in the parameter BookFile.
This parameter must contain the full path and name of Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin.

For example if you unzip the Cerebellum_light_160731 folder on your drive d:, BookFile must contain:

Cerebellum 3 Merge Date Positions Info

Cerebellum 3 Merge

September 16, 2020


Release 1

BrainFish/Cerebellum successes in the Infinity Chess Engine Masters Tournaments

Download of the last classical BrainFish Version

Chess engine Date Bench Info


July 24, 2020


bmi2, modern, x64, x32


July 24, 2020


Windows, Unix