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With the exception of this paragraph, all pages related to Aristarch were updated the last time on May 10th, 2004, so they are mainly of historical interest (although Aristarch runs fine under current chess GUIs). By that time, Aristarch was the first free chess engine that was able to defeat Crafty.

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…​are the "brains" of modern chess software. Most of them can be used within any of the commonly available chess programs (see section GUIs).

If you have one of these chess GUIs installed on your computer, you can download any chess engine and use it in that program (for chess analysis, tournaments or as a computer opponent). On this site you can download two of the strongest free chess engines, you will find others here.


About Aristarch…​

This is an engine that was developed since 1995 by Stefan Zipproth. It played thousands of games against both human masters and other computers in the Internet Chess Club (view current ICC rating). It plays rather aggressive and is known for its flexible time management. Supported interfaces: UCI, WinBoard.


About List…​

This is a relatively young engine which has become incredibly strong in short time and was developed by Fritz Reul. It has comprehensive positional knowledge and manages to be at the same time very fast and strategically well-balanced. Supported interfaces: UCI.