• How is Brainfish related to Stockfish? Brainfish is a standard Stockfish chess engine extended by Cerebellum, which is an innovative chess opening book. Brainfish combines the following into a single executable (acting as a normal UCI chess engine):

    • the current development version of Stockfish

    • a reduced version of Cerebellum that only contains one or two best moves per position without score information.

    • In Brainfish the Cerebellum moves are only used in engine games, not in analysis mode

  • Is the Cerebellum Library a Stockfish dependant Project? No, the Cerebellum source and calculation is independant from every chess engine, except that the Pre-Calculation of every Position has to be done with a chess engine.

  • Does the Cerebellum Library simply consists of a lot of calculated positions? No, the Cerebellum Library does a recalculation of every score in the Library. That recalculation is done with a graph Algorithm, so that every Score in a node is consistant with the score of it’s best successor. Furthermore the Cerebellum Library is able to handle position repetitions by with re-visiting some nodes and then playing different moves.

  • What and how many positions does the Cerebellum Library contain at release July 2016? The Cerebellum Library consists of about 4.4 Million Positions, containing the most frequently played positions from engine games, human games, and some positins of rating list. Some interesting opening postions are analyzed very deep.

  • Does the Cerebellum Library only contain opening positions? Most positions are opening and middle game positions, but the recalulation method works for every position tree, and there are also some end-games in the library. But every position must be connected with the starting position with a line of moves.

  • How can I view the whole content of the Library? Currently, only a part of the Library can be viewed on this web page. The display Version of the Library may be up to 4 weeks old.

  • Is the tool for creating, expanding, viewing and managing the Library available? It will be available in form of the standalone chess GUI Sirius, including additional features. It will probably published around November 2016 and will cost around 20,- €. Brainfish itself will always stay free.

  • How does Brainfish differ from Stockfish? Brainfish is the current development Version of Stockfish combined with a reduced Version of the Cerebellum Library, which only contains one or two best moves per Position without the scores, so that it small enough to fit into the exe.

  • Can Brainfish be used for the analysis of chess games? Only in the same way as Stockfish, the moves of the Cerebellum library are only used during engine games (thinking a non-infinite time). The full Version with scores and display of the main line will be in the seprate full Version of Cerebellum.

  • Will updates for the internal Library of Stockfish appear? Yes, the internal Library of Brain Fish will be updated from time to time, which means a new exe containing the updated Library. That Brainfish Version will in most cases contain the newest Development Version of Stockfish.

  • Will the be future Verions of Brainfish with addional features? Additional Brainfish features will be developed and Brainfish will always stay freeware. Brainfish will stay restricted to just choose the best moves of Cerebellum – the whole functionality of Cerebellum, including scores, will only be available as part of the above described package.